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New Release: My Secret Master by Nora Flite

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Synopsis:  He said he would become my Master. And he meant it. Life has never been easy. Struggling was just the name of the game.  So when billionaire Seth Hart took me from rags to riches, I was stunned. He's confident, powerful, impossibly sexy. I thought he was perfect. 
Then I discovered his dark secret.  No one would have guessed what wicked things he's hiding in his mansion. If he finds out that I know, he'll ruin my future— and me along with it. 
I know I should run, but I can't resist him.  Those warm lips, firm hands, the way he makes me beg... 
He wants to keep me. And Seth Hart always gets what he wants. 
Standalone novel, no cliffhangers here!

About the author: A USA Today Bestselling Author, Nora Flite loves to write dark and filthy romance (especially the dramatic, gritty kind!) Her favorite bad boys are the ones with tattoos, the intense alpha types that make you sweat and beg for more!

Inspired by the complicated events and wild experiences of her own life, she wants to share those stories with her audience. 

Born in the tiniest state, coming from what was essentially dirt, she's learned to embrace and appreciate every opportunity the world gives her.
She's also, possibly, addicted to coffee and sushi. 
Not at the same time, of course.
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