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Friday, February 20, 2015

Movie Review: The Duff

My thoughts on the movie: If you like 90s RomComs like She's All That, Ten Things I Hate About You, or Clueless, you'll definitely enjoy The Duff. It's a newer version of some of these with the same high school cliches and fun archetypes. And I say this in the most affectionate way!

The best part about The Duff is the colorful array of characters. They're what made this movie so spectacularly funny. Robbie Amell and Mae Whitman are the perfect mixture for a RomCom. I couldn't stop laughing at their quirkiness. Seriously, that whole monster voice joke was adorable and I was genuinely sad when the movie ended. Can we make a sequel? ;)

I do have to say that if you're a super fan of the book and hoping that they translated it verbatim, I'm really sorry. They took the general concept of the book and altered several details from the original story. So while I'm disappointed that the movie wasn't reflective of the story I  fell in love with, I'm also satisfied. The movie still achieved its purpose. It was fun & truly entertaining!

Don't worry, I guarantee that you'll quickly find yourself wanting to re-watch this fun and quirky gem.

Rating: 5/5

Hot Addiction by Lynn Raye Harris



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