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Once Upon A Kiss by Jayne Fresina (Guest Post)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Guest Post: The Evil Menace, Mr. Darcy?

In my new release, ONCE UPON A KISS, Justina (Jussy) Penny, a member of the Book Club Belles Society, is eighteen chapters into reading  Pride and Prejudice and she's not very impressed with the story or the characters— particularly the boring "Mr. Darcy". 

Jussy would much rather be reading a bloodthirsty horror story, but she is usually out-voted by the other members of the book society, who all prefer a romance when they can get their hands upon one.
Frustrated by Pride and Prejudice and the heroine's failure to yet crack a chamber pot over dull Mr. Darcy's head, Jussy complains to her sister, “If only there were any headless corpse brides or poisoned chalices in this book!” Alas, instead she finds a story in which, "Everyone sits around talking and nobody does anything.”
The only character Jussy enjoys is that of Mr. Wickham and in her eyes he is the hero of the story.To the irritation of her fellow book society members, she has already figured out the end of the novel. Or, at least, how she thinks it should end.

"Lizzie and Mr. Wickham will have several misunderstandings perpetrated by the evil menace Mr. Darcy, but finally love will win the day. There will be much uncertainty and heartache. The despicable Mr. Darcy will lock her in a cupboard at some point, intent on starving her to death. She will uncover a dark mystery about his family, but Mr. Wickham will ride to her rescue and all will end happily ever after, with him never even kissing her.”

I suspect Jussy would like Elizabeth Bennet to get her vengeance on Mr. Darcy in many gruesome ways. After all, he is a haughty, unpleasant fellow who insults the heroine—and Jussy knows exactly what that feels like, being in a similar situation herself with a certain obnoxiously proud Mr. Darius Wainwright.
In Jussy's version of Pride and Prejudice, the handsome and charming George Wickham would be the misunderstood gentleman about whom Fitzwilliam Darcy has spread appalling rumors. Wickham would be the man who sees Elizabeth as intelligent and brave, and who whisks her into his arms for a madly passionate affair. With all the interestingly lurid details included in the novel—for the instructional benefit of young ladies everywhere. Darcy would probably kidnap Elizabeth and keep her prisoner just to spite his enemy, but the heroine would not need rescuing by a man. In Jussy's version of any story, the heroine would save herself—and likely save the hero too.

Only after she'd had sufficient misadventures, of course.

~ Jayne Fresina
Book Information
Author: Jayne Fresina
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Historical Romance
Book Cover: Attached
Author Photo: Attached
Blog Hop Graphic: Attached
These Book Club Belles are ready to put down their novels and find some real-life leading men!
In the sleepy village of Hawcombe Prior, five young ladies of the local book society are reading a salacious romance called Pride and Prejudice. Upon finishing the book, the ladies race to find their own Mr. Darcy, and the handsome, mysterious Darius Wainwright is the perfect mark.

Justina Penny can't understand why her fellow Belles are starry-eyed in the newcomer's arrogant presence. But if the town's only eligible bachelor marries anyone, it should be her sweet, beautiful sister. And it's up to Justina to make it happen. How could this plan possibly go wrong?

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Author Bio:
Jayne Fresina sprouted up in England, the youngest in a family of four daughters. Entertained by her father's colorful tales of growing up in the countryside, and surrounded by opinionated sisters - all with far more exciting lives than hers - she's always had inspiration for her beleaguered heroes and unstoppable heroines.

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