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A cellphone case that charges...say what??

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

uNu Aero Series iPhone 5S Battery Case / iPhone 5 Battery with Wireless Charging Technology - 

(White, Fits All Models Apple iPhone 5S & iPhone 5)

Product description: uNu’s Aero Series Apple iPhone 5S/5 Battery Case is bounded with the newly uNu Aero Charging Technology. Designed to be more than just a battery case, this new uNu battery case is featuring unbridled power wrapped within a refined frame, which brings power and protection to a new level. Your satisfaction is our top priority as we aim to develop long term partnerships with our customers.

My review: I recently took the plunge (in my wallet) and purchased an iPhone 5. I know, the newest iPhone is the 5S, but that thing is way too expensive for my blood. I like my phones like I like everything else in life - affordable.

Coincidentally, I was recently sent a free sample of a UNU AERO Wireless Charging iPhone 5/5S Battery Case to review. This case is amazing! I thought it would be difficult or complicated to charge but it isn't. I was even able to use a regular multi-purpose usb cable to charge it in my car. This is really convenient for people who are on the go and tend to go through the battery on their phone fairly quickly. The button to start charging your phone is on the back of the case. Once you press it, it basically speed charges your phone. I loved that it didn't take forever and I was pleasantly surprised that it only took a few minutes to put it at a full charge. I think the only thing I would change is the durance of the phone case. For the most part it's stayed in really good condition, but it did crack on the sides when I dropped it once. 

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