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Ballerina Flats That Are Actually Comfy. Yes, I said it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Hello lovely readers,

So I have to share with you an AMAZING find that I came across. I've been looking for comfortable work shoes since forever it seems. All of the previous shoes I've purchased have always either hurt my feet or have fallen apart after wearing them daily. So last week I decided to look on and see if they had some ballerina flats that were comfortable and appropriate for work. I found these. I decided to take a chance and order them. (They're  $65.00, which sounds like a lot if you're like me and you try not to spend more than $50 on shoes because they don't last).

These lovelies came in the other day and all I can say is I absolutely love them! I was afraid they wouldn't be dressy enough for work, but they are. They look great with dresses or just regular work pants.

The thing I love most about them is they have that memory foam inside at the bottom, so if your feet tend to hurt from being on on them all day than these would be great for you. They aren't a wide fit but they sort of seem that way. Thankfully they're not tight on the sides so you don't have to worry about getting blisters or red lines on your feet.

You don't have to worry about falling when it rains like other flats because they do have a lot of traction on the bottom. I think my only complaint would be that I'm not sure how well the fabric will hold up in the rain. It almost seems to be made of a suede material and usually suede doesn't fair well in rainy weather. I guess only time will tell.

If you do purchase yourself a pair let me know what you think! I'm definitely ordering another pair of these.
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