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Almost Taken : Two Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby by Ana W. Fawkes

Monday, February 24, 2014
Almost Taken (Two Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby - Book One) (contemporary romance)

I’m so happy to be out touring blogs and talking about my newest series, Two Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby. How’s that for a title? I purposely wanted something that basically gave a hint at some of the story, but it’s not going to be what you think. At all. I’ve had major success in the world of erotic romance (thanks to my bestselling series, By His Command) but I wanted to try my hand at something different. To change it up and focus more on romance and the relationship of two people.

Coming up with the idea for Almost Taken (the first book in the series) was kind of interesting to me. I had been thinking of a way to have two people meet. Something about a sexy realtor showing an apartment to a couple just came to me. But what if that couple was obviously not happy together? And what if the realtor thought the woman was just beautiful? What if he had one of those rare ‘love at first sight’ kind of moments? BUT… what if the guy came back to look at the apartment again, but with a different woman now?
And there’s the beginning of Almost Taken.

Readers get to meet Jared Crowly. He’s sexy, charming, a rich kind of bad boy, but he falls in love fast and hard. And when he sees Becky, he falls hard and fast. And when Becky’s ‘almost fiancĂ©’ comes to look at the apartment with a different woman, Jared’s world is rocked. Things only get crazier when one of his best friends is getting married and when Jared shows up to the engagement dinner, he can’t believe his eyes when Becky is there. Becky’s a friend of the bride. And Jared and Becky are going to be walking down the aisle together.

The story is fun, sexy, flirty, but there are deep parts to it. The connection between Jared and Becky is obvious and hot but they both have their own obligations and worries to deal with. I really loved writing this story because of how honest it felt and how honest it came out on paper. I really hope everyone enjoys it! And the best part is that the book can be read as a stand alone… it does lead into the second but the story between Jared and Becky is told.

Thanks for having me here! J
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