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Guest Post: The Setting Does Make the Person by Inara Scott

Thursday, December 5, 2013
Genre: Contemporary RomanceLength: 200 pages
Release Date: November 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-289-0
Imprint: Indulgence

Looking for Mrs. Right…
Single father of three, Ross Bencher, knows the kind of woman he wants: someone predictable, reliable, and safe, who can give his kids the security they deserve. Someone entirely different from high-altitude mountaineer Kelsey. Kelsey bewitches him with her long legs and wild passion and is about as far from his ideal as a woman can get, but try telling that to his body. Or his heart…
Falling for Mr. Wrong…
When Kelsey agreed to fill in as a temporary nanny for her best friend’s agency before a big climbing expedition, she had no idea she’d be working for drop-dead sexy Ross Bencher, a man she can’t seem to keep her hands off. She knows if she wants to bring herself—and her father—back alive from the Himalayan Mountains, she can’t afford second-guessing, attachments, or distractions. But Ross’s blue eyes and strong hands leave her gasping…and questioning everything she’s ever known about love…

Bestselling author Inara Scott grew up on a steady diet of true love, heaving bosoms, and happily ever after. Romance inspired her first novel, penned at the age of 14, titled A Wild and Stormy Passion. Today, Inara writes anything and everything, including young adult fiction and adult romance. Inara loves to hear from readers, and can often be found avoiding actual work by playing on Twitter (@inarascott) and Facebook.

Guest Post from Inara Scott...

Each time I start a new book, I get to decide where the story will be set. This is one of the most difficult parts of the process, because when I pick a location, it must both reflect the story, but also be a part of it. My settings will change the characters even as it becomes a part of them. It’s an essential part of the story.

What do I mean by this? Well, in some cases it’s about mood. When I set my first young adult series, The Talents, in the Pacific Northwest, I did so partly because I wanted to use the atmosphere of trailing moss, fog, and drizzling rain. I wanted ancient evergreens and muddy trails in the woods to be a part of my stories and to be a part of my characters. 

When I set The Boss’s Fake FiancĂ©e in New York City, I knew my characters would have to have hectic—and glamorous—lifestyles. While I was plotting my latest book, Falling for Mr. Wrong, I wanted to have the outdoors be a part of the book. My hero, Ross Bencher, was a single dad looking for someone stable and boring. I paired him up, of course, with an adventurer. A mountain climber.

(See, I'm an author. I torture people for a living. So if Ross wanted someone safe, I'd have to make him fall for someone unsafe. And what could be less safe than high-altitude mountaineering?) 

That was Kelsey. She's not nearly as much of a daredevil as Ross thinks she is, but she is headed to the Himalayas to climb one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. And where would Kelsey live?


After I picked this setting, I let the plot evolve around it. I had Kelsey and Ross go hiking, camping, and rock climbing. I let the beauty of Colorado affect Ross’s character arc, as he has to decide whether or not to build a fantasy resort in a pristine, untouched corner of the state.

So far, I've written books set in England, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Colorado, and Washington State, and each time, the setting has managed to shape the story and the characters in some significant way. This is the joy of being an author, just as it is one of the joys of being human.

We create and are created, shape and are shaped all at the same time.
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