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The Secret Diary of Lady Catherine Bexley

Friday, November 15, 2013
Synopsis: Lady Catherine Bexley is new to marriage and the marriage bed, but surely there must be more to it than this? Her husband is proper and perfunctory — treating her with careful respect but leaving her aching for more.

When she witnesses a gentleman disciplining a maid at a house party, the ache explodes into ravenous desire. She finds herself no longer willing to wait for her husband’s stiff and passionless attentions — and soon develops a naughty plan to finally get what she wants

Review: A short, but deliciously sensual read. Lady Catherine Bexley is newly married and wanting more than she has in the bedroom between her husband and her. And she'll do just about anything to get it. Overall, I found The Secret Diary Of Lady Catherine Bexley extremely well written and true to the Regency era. Although it was a very short read, Portman does a wonderful job creating well thought-out characters. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Portman.

Rating: 5/5 STARS

Reviewed by: Vanessa
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