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Quick Fix by Linda Grimes

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Synopsis: The second installment of the original urban fantasy series starring human chameleon Ciel Halligan

Ciel Halligan, an aura adaptor with a chameleon-like ability to step into the lives of her clients and fix their problems for them — as them — is working a job at the National Zoo with her boyfriend, Billy, and his ten-year-old sister, Molly. It's supposed to be a quick fix, giving her time to decide if it's wise to pursue the romantic relationship her charming scoundrel of a best friend wants, or if she should give Mark, the CIA spook she's crushed on since hormones first rattled her pubescent brain, a chance to step up to the plate.

Molly has already begun to show signs of being an adaptor herself. She's young for it, but she's always been precocious, so it's not impossible. What is impossible is her taking on the form of the baby orangutan she touches — adaptors can only project human auras. Until now, apparently. Worse, Molly is stuck in ape form. She can't change herself back.

Escaping from the zoo with their new baby orang, Ciel and Billy head for NYC and the only person they know can help: Ciel's brother James, a non-adaptor scientist who's determined to crack the aura adaptor genetic code. But when Billy winds up in jail, accused of attempted murder, Ciel begins to suspect Molly's unusual adapting ability is more than just a fluke. Who's been experimenting on Molly, and what do they hope to gain? And will Ciel survive to find out?

Review: Quick Fix by Linda Grimes is the second book about aura adaptor Ciel Halligan. While I loved the first book In A Fix, Quick Fix wasn't as good as the first book. I did enjoy seeing Ciel and Billy's relationship develop into something really sweet, but I felt like I was left hanging with Mark. There's a lot of build up and sexual tension in book 1, but Mark was a very passive character in book 2. Sure, he showed some interest in Ciel, but it didn't seem anything other than minor. I was ready to see some more sparks fly between Ciel and Mark and Ciel and Billy.

I did get my wish with Ciel and Billy, but something felt a little off between the two. Billy was almost too sweet. I couldn't help but think that there was going to be something to bring him down a peg. Something to ruffle some feathers.

Overall, I did enjoy Quick Fix, but I think I loved In A Fix so much more. I hope to see more Mark action in any future novels about Ciel. Please bring Mark more into play in book #3! :D

Rating: 3/5 DIAMONDS
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