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Secrets of the Apple by Paula Hiatt

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Synopsis: Ryoki is comfortable is his custom-built hell, making money with both hands and slashing his path through the world of men. But there's something about Kate, something important dangling just at the edge of his consciousness. She can't read a map, she falls off her heels, and yet she saves his life with a button and a bit of thread. Terrified she's privately plotting to marry him, he studies her with hooded eyes, attempting to discover her secrets for himself. But understanding Kate will challenge everything he thought he knew. Why exactly did Eve hand over her apple?

Review: I found this book compelling, but oddly disjointed at times. The main character, Ryoki, came across whiny and petulant. I did find myself enjoying many of the side characters, like Ryoki's snarky cook and his elderly gardener. It started out fast-paced and punchy, but as I kept reading it slowed down and never picked up speed again, just addressed the same problems over and over again. I will say this, though, it had excellent character development for Kate, Ryoki's love interest. Her past is slowly revealed throughout the novel and I'll admit, I kept reading mainly to see what she'd decide to do with her life. She's a wonderfully strong character with hints of vulnerability that made me care about her story.

What confused me the most were all the plot points which really didn't seem connected to the story line. I kept waiting for them to become points of major importance, but they never did. There were just too many random side-plots. There were some running themes, like domesticity and whether it's more valuable be a housewife or an executive, which tried to unite the story, but I just never knew quite where the author was going with her plot. 

Overall, it has great detail, good potential, but I just wasn't hooked. 

Rating: 2/5 DIAMONDS
Reviewed by: Misha
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