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Accidentally...Evil? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Synopsis: Backlum Chaam, the God of Male Virility, wasn't always such a bad guy. Before his heart turned black and his biggest goal in life became destroying mankind, he was just like any god. Compassionate, loyal, and dedicated. So where did it all go wrong? Sometimes broken hearts don't heal...

Review: First I would like to recommend reading the first book in this series –first it will give you a look at the authors writing style and you will understand the characters better, saying that this is the next installment of the Accidental Evil series with all the quirks-satire humor and crazy Mimi in the story. Backlum Chaam (God of Male Virility) comes across women in the Jungle-and discovers he can touch her can she be his mate? Is she human? Only the fates know the answer to that question. After an amazing night of sex with Maggie and a little interference from Mimi –all is not right in paradise! But when dealing with God’s love is never smooth and we are left with a God that is accidentally evil or not? This is a short read –with this authors quick Witt in writing. If you are a fan of this series you will enjoy this book –if not it’s a short funny read, No happy ending here –just another cliffhanger that seems to be a norm from this series, but the book is short and fun!

Rating: 3.5/5 DIAMONDS
Reviewed by: Lisa
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