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Cover Reveal: Bloodlust (The Story of Caspian & Giselle) by Selena Isley

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Centuries after, Giselle still mourns the tragic death of her brother Rik after his deadly encounter with a relentless nightwalker. Resolved to killing every vampire that walks the earth, Giselle searches night and day for the immortal being that took her beloved brother, and cursed her with immortality. As a daywalker Giselle walks the fine line between death and life. She is neither fully vampire nor human, but immortal nonetheless.

As Giselle continues on her quest for blood she meets Caspian, a Nordic vampire from the sea that not only gets under her skin, but sets it on fire. At first glance, Caspian is everything Giselle hates in a vampire – alluring, cunning and dangerously skillful. But Caspian is set on making Giselle his and he won’t give up over a few centuries of bad blood between immortals.

As the two grow closer together Giselle soon discovers that Caspian is not exactly who he says he is. Despite his willingness to help her catch her brother’s murderer, Caspian isn’t telling Giselle the whole truth about his past, and at the end of the day Giselle must decide if vengeance is worth sacrificing both her life, and her heart.

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