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Hunger Awakened by Dee Carney

Sunday, March 17, 2013
Synopsis: There’s something inside of him, some dormant part that’s been awakened. And now it wants to be set free…

Something’s wrong with Sebastian Kent. Already considered an outsider in the vampire community as a half-vampire, half-something else, he’ll do everything in his power to hide his weakness. But when sickness strikes, he has no choice but to turn to a human for help—a woman whose touch provides his only relief.

Alice Bowman is hiding her own illness, one that has left her homeless. When she comes to Bast’s aid, she doesn’t expect to be thrust into the world of vampires. But he offers her refuge and a job researching his family history in the hope of finding a clue to his mysterious affliction. She can’t resist his offer of protection—and the chance to spend more time with the man who arouses her every desire.

But as Bast and Alice’s hunger for each other grows, so does the power of Bast’s unexplained half. And soon his unknown past and her uncertain future threaten to keep them apart forever…

Review: Hunger Awakened is the second book in a series-but this is definitely a standalone book. I had not read the first book and very little from the first book is carried over to this book. With that being said-this book introduces the reader to Sebastian Kent(Bast) head of the Vampire council protection detail. When we meet him he is bar hoping looking for food (blood) and sex at a bar –when he leaves he is sick and throws up. A Vampire being sick almost makes him human and very likable character. Alice who is in the alley looking for food stops and helps him and the story flows from there. Bast has not had an easy life and neither has Alice who is homeless due to an illness and accepts Sebastian in all of his trails. A true love story of two lost souls finding themselves and each other in a time of need.

Hunger Awakened is not your usual vampire book –our vampire is lost and sick and this lone human can save him, His other half is awakening with new powers and strength and Alice is the only person that can help him adjust to his new discovery. You will have to leave you wondering about the other half-but all goes well in the end. A definite read for all our vampire fans out there.

Rating: 4/5 DIAMONDS

Reviewed by: Lisa
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