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The Downfall of a Good Girl by Kimberly Lang

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Summary: Southern debutante Vivienne LaBlanc can't believe bad-boy rock star Connor Mansfield is back in town for the New Orleans annual Saints and Sinners pageant. He has a reputation as wicked as his devilish smile, and Vivi has no intention of becoming one of his latest groupies! He once crushed her high school heart, so playing the saint to Connor's sinner should be easy. But how can Vivi get those less-than-angelic thoughts out of her head-especially when Connor's so good at tempting her to be bad?

Review: Downfall of a Good Girl is a decent read. My biggest issue with the book was the characters, I never found myself connecting with Vivi or Connor. The banter at the beginning was great, I love a couple that has that bantering heat where they really fight their attraction. Vivi’s stuck up attitude is what really bothered me about her, also her constant harping about things that had happened years ago, and Connor just constantly seemed like an overgrown man-child with commitment issues.

At certain points in the story I found myself getting bored although I did love the idea of a Saints and Sinners fund raiser. Although the constant focusing on Vivi being a saint and Connor being a Sinner began to feel grating after awhile as if they were stuck in those roles that started to change after awhile but it seemed to be too little too late. I did like the way they called each other on their bull and challenged one another but I always felt as if the relationship was one sided. Overall it was an okay book with a semi-entertaining story.

Reviewed by: Jennifer
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