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League of Illusion by Vivi Anna

Sunday, January 6, 2013
 Synopsis: London, 1851

Former thief Jovan Davenport is the black sheep in a family of powerful sorcerers. But when his dying father—head of the League of Illusion—reaches out for help, Jovan has no choice but to accept. He must find his missing brother Sebastian and stop the power-hungry Hawthorne family from taking control of the council. If only they’d appointed someone other than Skylar Vanguard to help him in his quest.

Skylar, a druid and accomplished tracker, has spent three years trying to forget her past, especially Jovan Davenport. Once in love, she left Jovan when she discovered his betrayal. She wants nothing to do with him or his family, but must obey the council’s will by accompanying Jovan and reporting back on his progress.

Forced to work alongside each other, neither of them expects their passion to return so quickly. But as the conspiracy deepens in a steam-powered world of dirigibles and mechanical golems, will their secrets stand in the way of their mission…and their love?

Review: Legacy, book one in the League of Illusion series was an okay book. The concept behind it was enticing former lovers who have not seen each in several years who are still into one another, a lost brother, a secret society, a little bit of steampunk but these elements never really came together to form a cohesive, interesting story. There never seemed to be any true conflict in the story and whatever there was it was quickly, easily resolved. The most interesting dynamic in the story was that between the two brothers, Rhys and Jovan, two very different men with a history that has torn them apart.
I also found that I couldn’t really bring myself to connect with the characters, especially Jovan and Skylar. The reason for their being apart was a little, weak, and it never seemed to be fully explained or that they ever really had a big discussion about it. It just seemed to get swept away like the other obstacles that popped up along the way. The writing itself was very good and the concept was interesting it just needed a little more intensity.

Reviewed by: Jennifer

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