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Wyoming Fierce by Diana Palmer

Thursday, December 6, 2012
Synopsis: This next installment of Palmer’s Wyoming Men miniseries focuses on Cane—the second eldest of the Kirk brothers. The story takes place in Catelow, Wyoming and discusses the developing relationship between thirty-four year old cattle rancher Cane Kirk and twenty-two year old college student Bolinda Mays. Cane is a military veteran who lost his arm overseas. He is having difficulty adjusting to his disability and civilian life. In order to deal with the pain, he frequently engages in drink binges at local bars. Bolinda is having difficulty balancing both school and taking care of her grandfather. She is stressed about her current financial situation and the possibility of her losing her childhood home. Bolinda, a family friend of the Kirks, is constantly called upon to deal with Cane whenever he goes on a drinking spree. She is in love with Cane and believes that he will never return her affection.

Review: Wyoming Fierce follows the plot line of its predecessors—woman has unrequited love for man and doesn’t think that she is worthy of him. Man has a painful past which makes him unapproachable and he doesn't see the woman as his type. However, the two main characters somehow overcome all the obstacles which keep them a part, and at the end, woman and man are together.

Also, one major criticism about the book is that it provides very minimal character development. Throughout the story, Palmer has chances to make Bolinda and Cane more realistic characters, but fails to accomplish this. The reader does not have the opportunity to fully understand the relationship between Bolinda and Cane that, according to Palmer, has developed since Bolinda’s childhood. Instead, the reader is left with a relationship that is at times one-sided; and the acknowledgement that Cane eventually falls in love with Bolinda—but without really an explanation of how or when this occurs.

As an avid reader of Palmer’s books, I knew what to expect in Wyoming Fierce, and I wasn’t disappointed. And, even after this review, I will continue to read books by this author. Thus, this is my advice to the potential reader: If you are looking for a book that delves beyond the romance and has an unpredictable story line, then you may want to exercise caution before you decide to read Wyoming Fierce. However, if you are looking for a quick read with romance here and there mixed with a little bit of comedy then this book might be for you.
Rating: 2.5 Diamonds

Reviewed by: HEATHER

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