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Two Sinful Secrets by Laurel McKee

Thursday, November 15, 2012
SYNOPSIS: A hundred years has passed since the bitter rivalry between the St. Claires and the Huntingtons began. But in London, the feud goes on . ..
Lady Sophia Huntington isn't what she appears to be. Born into a noble family, the impulsive, wild-hearted beauty has fallen on difficult times. Banished from her home, Sophia dreams of the day she can finally win her father's forgiveness and return to London. Until the sudden appearance of a suitor from the scandalous St. Claire family threatens to reveal her darkest secrets . . .
Dominic St. Claire vows to exact revenge upon the Huntingtons, who destroyed his family's fortune generations ago. His perfect target is the lovely but proud Lady Sophia. After using her to discover the Huntingtons' financial secrets, he will cause a great scandal by eloping-and then abandoning his bride. But his plot soon unravels when he finds his own heart ensnared-in a trap not of his own making.
REVIEW: First things first, I have to get this out. I LOVED this book. In many ways did it remind me of Romeo and Juliet. In Two Sinful Secrets, we have the Huntington’s and the St. Claire’s and a life time family feud. On one eventful night, Lady Sophia finds herself sneaking into a club that her family does not approve of. One filled with gambling, drinking, and things a lady of her status should not be involved in. Sophia started of going just to spite her family only to find her true purpose was to see the ever enchanting Dominic St. Claire. When one thing leads to another the two find themselves alone and about to head in a direction that Sophia knows she should not go. So she finds a means to escape. Leaving poor Dominic to wonder just who this lady that intrigued his interest so much was. Fast forward to months later, Sophia finds herself lost and alone after running off and marrying a man her family didn’t approve of to which they cut off all ties with her. Her quick and hasty, a means to escape her suffocating family marriage comes to an end after her drunken husband dies. Now she must find a way to fend for herself and a way be accepted back into her family. Then we have Dominic, wild and free spirited, after deciding to settle down he became engaged to Jane. Though engaged, he could never forget that night in his gambling house with the ever so elusive Sophia. After Jane mysteriously dies Dominic swears he will never marry. Though that is all about to change. Fate has other plans in mind for Sophia and Dominic. While in Paris the two are brought back together and cannot seem to stay away though they both know they need to. After a sudden marriage, the two struggle with their feelings for one another and the talk of the town. This book was brilliantly written and I loved every aspect of it. It has made its way onto my list of favorite books and definitely one I will read time and time again. I love how complex the main characters are. I love how each of them have their unforgettable past and seeing them overcome all the things that hold them back. It was a truly amazing read from beginning to end. It isn’t just a love story either. It offers so much more than that. Lies, deceit, betrayal, growth, humor and action. It is one that you cannot put down once you begin. I cannot wait to read the next one from Laurel McKee.

Reviewed By: BRANDY

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