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Own the Night by Debbi Rawlins

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Synopsis: Welcome to the Sundance Dude Ranch in Blackfoot Falls, Montana…where the cowboys are hot, and the town sheriff is smokin'!Ever since the Sundance became a dude ranch, Sheriff Noah Calder has been a "must-see attraction" for hordes of visiting women. But when a suspected (and suspiciously sexy) con artist rolls into town, it takes all of Noah's control to stop himself from giving her a very thorough strip search….

Alana Richardson is no con artist—she's a marketing executive in desperate need of a vacation! But with her luggage stolen and her identity in question, she's under the very close surveillance of Sheriff Noah Sexypants. Now she has to prove she's one of the good guys…but she may just have to be a little bad to convince him!
Review: Own the Night was a great book that was a quick, easy read with some great characters and a strong, interesting relationship. Although both parties are wary of one another at first they let their feelings develop and things really start to spark! At first I thought Alana was going to be a typical New York Executive character that brought her big city notions to the small town and was unable to adapt. Instead I was very pleasantly surprised to see how she blossomed in Blackfoot Falls. Noah feels bound by his position as the Sheriff but is intrigued by Alana and slowly opens up to her. Their relationship is one of the best elements of the book not only because it’s smoking hot but, they actually take the time to get to know one another. They trust and respect one another, which allows them to be more honest and open with one another.
The other characters populating the small town of Blackfoot Falls are charming and interesting as well. Both Noah and Alana have complex relationships with their mothers, which come to light as their relationship develops. Especially in Noah’s case I found his issues with his mother were dealt with in an honest way and that just made him an even more interesting character. The plot is simple but keeps things moving along. The key focus of the story is on Noah and Alana’s development both in their relationship and as individuals. Overall, this was a great book that was a quick, easy read with some really great characters. 
Reviewed by: Jennifer

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