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The Creative Fire by Brenda Cooper

Friday, September 28, 2012
SYNOPSIS: Nothing can match the power of a single voice...
Ruby Martin expects to spend her days repairing robots while avoiding the dangerous peacekeeping forces that roam the corridors of the generation ship the Creative Fire. The social structure of the ship is rigidly divided, with Ruby and her friends on the bottom. Then a ship-wide accident gives Ruby a chance to fight for the freedom she craves. Her enemies are numerous, well armed, and knowledgeable. Her weapons are a fabulous voice, a quick mind, and a deep stubbornness. Complicating it all—an unreliable AI and an enigmatic man she met—and kissed—exactly once—who may hold the key to her success. If Ruby can't transform from a rebellious teen to the leader of a revolution, she and all her friends will lose all say in their future.
Like the historical Evita Peron, Ruby rises from the dregs of society to hold incredible popularity and power. Her story is about love and lust and need and a thirst for knowledge and influence so deep that it burns.
REVIEW: The Creative Fire is one of those books, that when you begin you cannot put it down. I loved reading this book, and everything in it. Ruby is the girl at the bottom of the heap, unwanted garbage tossed out the window, and the mud on the bottom of your shoes that you just cannot get rid of. Living her days in the bottom of the Creative Fire, Ruby spends her time trying to rebel as much as possible, without getting into trouble. Everyone is content with the lives they live, except for Ruby and a few other people. Determined to learn the truth about the people's history, one that has been so limited to them, Ruby sets out to find it out. When an accident happens in her pod, Ruby begins to learn pieces of the truth. Just the little bit she learns is just enough to set her on a new journey through life. After the accident, Ruby, her friends, family, and every member of her pod are forced to move to a new one. As Ruby sets out to learn the truth and to make a change, she discovers who she can really trust and who she can depend on. Ruby's rebelliousness and humor are far more than entertaining. Throughout the book, you never know who Ruby can and cannot trust, until the very moment it is revealed. I loved this book through and through and have a tough time finding any faults. The only actual real fault I could find with it, is just how gullible Ruby is when it comes to men. I grew frustrated with the repeated thoughts of how she felt when she met someone new, a spark of interest, a spark of lust. So typical of a teenage girl, I only hope her newest interest sticks around long enough for something to come of it. However, with the way the book ends, it seems as though Ruby has not found Mr. Right. Or has she already met him and didn't think twice about it? Overall this is an exceptional book, and I cannot wait for the next one to come out.
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