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Fifty Shames of Earl Grey

Friday, August 3, 2012
Synopsis: Young, arrogant, tycoon Earl Grey seduces the naïve coed Anna Steal with his overpowering good looks and staggering amounts of money, but will she be able to get past his fifty shames, including shopping at Walmart on Saturdays, bondage with handcuffs, and his love of BDSM (Bards, Dragons, Sorcery, and Magick)? Or will his dark secrets and constant smirking drive her over the edge?

Review: I'm not really big on reading parodies but after reading E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey, I really felt that there were definitely some elements about the series that seemed over the top and at times ridiculous. Even I felt a little guilty and embarrassed for my gender for liking Fifty Shades of Grey, from the over the top inner goddess dialogue to the exaggerated actions of Christian Grey and his hefty bank account. Although I feel a bit foolish for falling into the fan category, I couldn't resist reading Fifty Shames of Early Grey and I'm so glad I did! Andrew Shaffer does a wonderful job bringing to life the laugh out loud moments that most of us pined away for within the first book. While even some of Shaffer's jokes seem over the top most are right on the money when it comes to the irony and exaggeration of E.L. James' storyline. One of my favorite moments was when Anna and Grey are standing at Walmart and he asks her out, but Anna tries to convince him she can't just abandon her post.

"My shift isn't over until six," I say glumly.
"Hold on," he says. He pulls a Blackberry from his pants pocket and taps on it. It buzzes, and he taps on it again before stashing it away,
"I think you can take the rest of this afternoon off."
"We're so busy on Saturdays. I really can't - my boss would kill me," I say.
 "I'm your boss now, Miss Steal."
 "What do you mean?"
There's that smile again, the one with all those teeth.
"I just bought Walmart," he says.

To me moments like these were priceless. Shaffer did a great job not only recreating the story but made it even better by appealing to the humor of Anna's situation. I really loved this parody because as most people know Fifty Shades was supposed to be this serious and sexual drama that oozed with sensuality to readers and Shaffer took that and turned it on its head by creating absurd characters, like Anna who has an inner guidette screaming for Grey instead of a goddess. I would definitely recommend this parody to Fifty Shades of Grey fans because it takes a fan to really appreciate the irony and complexity within this story. Even the silliest moments. I look forward to the next parody in the Fifty Shames series.

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