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Captain McFinn and Friends Book Series by Phyllis C. Cafaro

Monday, June 25, 2012

Synopsis: Captain McFinn and Friends go on an adventure of discovery when they stumble upon a new ocean paradise where they meet their newest friend, Princess Coral Rose--The Princess Between the Tides.
CD -Sing-a-long
Synopsis: Captain McFinn was once one of the biggest bullies on Sand Dusty Reef, but when he meets the Undersea Friends, he learns that being a friend is always better than being a bully. Come along with Captain McFinn and Friends and see how McFinn, the bully, became Captain McFinn the leader and protector of Sand Dusty Reef.
Introducing the Captain McFinn and Friends book and activity book series!

"This amazing, original and creative book series about Captain McFinn, a lovable, blacktip reef shark, and his friends, teaches kids about how to be a good friend and how to stop bullying behavior. This delightful book series shows how a group of caring underwater friends convert the once deplorable Captain McFinn into a fish everyone wants to befriend.   Through charming illustrations, and an engaging storyline, young children (grades K through 3) gain an understanding of what bullying is, and how to defuse it.  
This series shows the positive ways kids can change the world. The complete book line includes hard cover and soft books, an activity book and music CD." from Press Release

Review: Overall, I thought these two books were great! The illustrations are beautiful and the messages in each story are wonderful for kids. Both tackle important issues regarding bullying and changing the world around us. The stories have a very Disney-esque feel to them because of the eye-catching art and the thoughtfulness taken in into each page. I would highly recommend getting them for your kids or nephews and nieces! The sing-a-long CD is really cute and I think it would be a great thing to take along with you on a road trip with your kids.

About the author: Phyllis C. Cafaro is the Founder and President of Captain McFinn and Friends. In 1991 she joined the Cafaro company as Vice President of Marketing, a position she continues to hold. A veteran of the retail development industry, she is a long standing member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). Phyllis has spent the last two decades going overboard creating exciting marketing campaigns for an extensive portfolio of properties. When she arrived upon the vision of Captain McFinn and Friends, she knew it was going to be a magical journey. She jumped on board and has been out to sea ever since creating incredible programs for children of all ages. The story of Coral Rose was inspired by the arrival of Phyllis Cafaro's first granddaughter, Francesca Rose. -Taken from

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