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Drain You by M. Beth Bloom

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Welcome to our DRAIN YOU blog stop! I'm excited to be a part of this blog hop because I LOVED Drain You.

Summer. The 90s. The rich, sun-bleached neighborhoods of the Los Angeles canyons. Enter Quinlan Lacey, a cool, bored, sarcastic, sexy 17-year old with a dull part-time video store job and a mild case of teen ennui. That is, until she meets the alluring, River Phoenix-esque James, and realizes the hills are alive with the undead. Inspired more by the early, dry L.A. short stories of Bret Easton Ellis than the current crop of serialized vampire fiction, the supernatural grunge romance, Drain You, narrates the headaches and heartbreaks Quinn undergoes in her quest to stay sane and cool and in love and alive.

Here's what Publisher's Weekly said about Drain You: "Bloom debuts with a languid, stylish novel that reads like a love letter to cult vampire flicks like The Lost Boys, the work of Francesca Lia Block, and Southern California in the 1990s."

What we thought of it: 

Rating: 5 STARS!!
Review: Drain You is a retro chic paranormal filled with a laugh out loud dialogue, an endearing leading lady and a greasy model-ish vampire boyfriend/love interest. I loved the 80's and 90's references to the baby sitter's club, Nirvana, The Cure and James Spader. I felt like I was in a flashback from the past. Quinlan who works at video journeys and who has a strange sense of fashion/normal attire meets an older, quiet and reserved James who just so happens to be a vampire and who just so happens to be the older brother of Naomi (one of the popular girls at Quinn's school). Although the majority of the book dealt with Quinn's obsession with James, it also had a coming of age feel to it. I really enjoyed Quinn's sassy and confident attitude, even when things were looking pretty dark. It was refreshing to read about a girl who was not only confident about herself but with her body. I loved Quinn's clueless and adorably funny parents. You can't help but want them to be yours especially when they're cool about you staying out late and not showing up until two days later. I enjoyed the tension between Quinn and Whit and Quinn and her co-worker Morgan. During the second part of the book I was starting to think that Quinn really wanted to be with Whit or rather she was better fit with him. I enjoyed the complication and the unspoken feelings that she had for him. Quinn is definitely a free spirit, but it often gets her into trouble especially with boys. I personally couldn't help but adore that she was a go with the flow kind of girl. I thought the tension between Quinn and her friendship with Libby was a nice touch to the story. I think it's a topic that a lot of girls can relate to (losing a friend to a boy, even if it is a vampire boy.) Overall, I really enjoyed Bloom's writing style and I thought she did a fantastic job telling Quinn's story. My only complaint is I wish the story would've wrapped up at the end a little better but in reality it leaves room for a possible sequel to the story.

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About the author:
Bloom's first short story “Love And Other Catastrophes: A Mix Tape” was featured in Story Quarterly and selected by Dave Eggers for inclusion in The Best American Nonrequired Reading: 2003 (Houghton-Mifflin), which he curates annually. Bloom is the founder of underground dance label 100% Silk (profiled here in LA Weekly) AND the producer/lead singer of the band LA Vampires (written up in The Guardian as well as Pitchfork and Fader). Her next book will be published through HarperTeen.

M. Beth lives on the east side of L.A. where she indulges in raw fooding, magazine subscribing, thrift shopping, Sunday matinee'ing, and ladies book clubbing.

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