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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Crossed: Badlands #1 Written by Garth Ennis, Pencils Jacen Burrows

Completely new to the series, but came with a glowing review from the Local Comic Shop. The Characters drew me in as authentic and interesting yet nothing forced about them. The story revolves around a group of survivors one of who might just be a disfigured prince Harry, who struggle to survive against roaming gangs of psychopaths, and while quite gory  and inappropriate for younger viewers was never gaudy and used the violence to the benefit of the story and never a momentary shock of action to grab the viewer. I still have little knowledge about the overall universe based on this issue but looking forward to future issues. Ennis may just be a new name on my comic radar.

Suicide Squad #7

The 2-part Conclusion of the Harley Quinn origin arc. I savored the voice given to one of my favorite Gotham City Sirens in this issue. To see this generation's  fleshing out of Dr Harleen Quinzel's turn from humanity was a treat. The use of Harley and Mr J was a refreshment to my palette. I saw love, lust, anger, and betrayal from the eyes of an educated mad woman. After the commotion of Detectives Comics #1 the reader finally gets to see what has become of Joker's face too! Waller shows us she means business when it comes to the neck bombs and an ending that may just stop you cold!

X-23 #21
OK, Full disclosure here. I have been a fan of X-23 since her inception in 2005 by Kyle and Yost. I have been following her adventures though the beginning to this, the last issue of a cancelled series. (The 4th involving her) I have seen her be spectacular, I have seen her mired in directionless mediocrity. Yet, I always kept the faith had excitement about the future of my own personal wolverine clone. This is a sullen review for me because I feel that Marjorie Liu has brought a shining personality to the character and Phil Noto has lent just the right expression to this story which has just recently hit it's professional stride. My only comfort is that this is not the last I will see of X-23, and do not bother to mention Avengers Academy as that really is no place in my mind for her and the writing is subpar. Another female character and Writer put to the side,but that is a debate for another day.

So, now on to the Issue at hand. (See what I did there) I'm left scratching my head with this issue. An entire issue without a spoken word. This speaks to the writing/pencil duo I mentioned earlier,as how do you tell a story without words? With some exceptional art that expresses what need not be said. How does art like this come to exist? With some excellent writing as to the situation to put her in. I sincerely feel Liu is THE voice of Laura Kinney. (X-23) This issue says everything about the character yet nothing about what is to come except uncertainty. "The end and the Beginning" the last words in a wordless book leave me wanting. Marvel ends the issue with a hype for x-23's adventure with venom. Which is over already. Want more X-23? Averngers Academy, already months in with the Character and lacking in her even being mentioned in some cases. Marvel, you did wrong. I cant be the only one who thinks so.

Reviewed by Ryan. B
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