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Twi Harder by Lacy Maran

Monday, December 5, 2011

Synopsis: Heavy necking. Shirtless hunks. Bad boys with fangs looking to warm your blood rather than suck it. Alice Johnson loves the vampires of fiction. It's the real life vamps she was having trouble with. But when an impossibly hot new vamp falls for Alice, her life will never be the same. Twi Harder is a Paranormal Romance that unfolds over Oscar weekend at a luxury hotel.

Review: Twi Harder is a fun and quirky read that I think you will fairly like from beginning to end. So what's so good about this vampire story you ask? It's brims with sarcasm and it's a short read for those of you who enjoy quick reads with heavy humor.
Overall, I thought it was a good story. I didn't find it mind blowing but it was fun for its intended purpose. If you're a fan of parodies, vampires or making fun of twilight than I would recommend this read.

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Lacy Maran
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