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Shades of Night by R.G. Porter

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Synopsis: Their chance meeting uncovers a hidden conspiracy the world isn’t ready for…

Krystoff is a vampire and enforcer of the laws of his people. Sent out to hunt down those who have turned their back on the Council, he is drawn to Austin, and the next on his long list of targets. Once in the city he is drawn to a club that provides more than just a distraction, it reveals a woman that is more than she seems and what’s worse is the renegades have set their sights on her.

Alexandra, part human and part Fae, has done her best to keep her non-human legacy from those around her. To her dismay, the one night she decides to spend the evening out singing, she draws the unwanted attention of what she’s tried to hide from all her life… vampires. Suddenly she is on the run and her only ally is the very species she has been warned against. Could this hunter be her only savior?

Together they must find out why the renegades are after Alex, but first they must learn to trust each other… before time runs out.

Review: Shades of Night by R.G. Porter is a dark and thrilling paranormal read. I especially loved the opening of this book. "It was feeding time and humans were the only thing on the menu." I was hooked with the first line. Overall I enjoyed Porter's writing, I just wish the relationship between Kristoff and Alexadra would've pulled me in more. At times I didn't feel like their connection was as hot as it could've been. I also felt that the writing could've been a little smoother, but I did enjoy the overall details of the story and the characters were interesting. If you enjoy reading stories about vampires, vampire hunters and the fae I think you will enjoy Shades of Night.

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