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Home Street Home - the Virginia Beach Chronicles by Georgia Saunders

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Synopsis: At 60, Ella Migliore, a gentle soul from a middle class background, finds her security wiped out by the 2008 market crash.  Long estranged from her nuclear family, she is thrown into the brutal world of homelessness - a shadowy hell that swallows people bit by bit, even in the well-manicured streets of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. 

      Bravely trying to make the best of a bad situation, she downplays the dangers until she learns firsthand just how vicious street life can be.  Menaced by ex-cons at a free dining hall, bedding down on drenched church steps  after a Tidewater tornado-watch storm, and terrified by lawless men in a homeless camp, she digs deep to find strength to carry on.
      Her terrors are compounded when Ella is physically attacked by much younger campers while onlookers refuse to get involved.  Her fear of being beaten to death drives her into the arms of a predator who takes control of her camp and her life.  When he asks the unthinkable, she escapes, only to battle the worst threat of all - the thirst for revenge that twists her soul as she plans violent reprisals against those who've bullied her. 

Review: Wow. Home Street Home - The Virginia Beach Chronicles is a moving novel filled with a deep and thought provoking story of the homeless. This book isn't just about one story there are several stories interwoven into the novel. Have you ever thought about the story behind some of these people's lives? You will now. Home Street Home is one of those novels that makes your mind explode, but in a good way. Georgia Saunders does an incredible job with this compelling read. I've never read anything like it! I highly recommend this novel to everyone! Whether you love horror or romance, this book has a message for everyone. Get ready to have your eyes opened.

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