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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cataclysm (Supernova Saga, #2)
Kerrigan Cruz and Dominic Grayson thought the worst of the storm was behind them. In reality, they have only weathered impossible odds to find they are smack dab in the eye of an unforgiving cyclone. More is on the way. The raging bands of chaos that surrounds them are forcing the destructive walls of the monster to close in around them. Taking on a life of its own, the storm growls and gnashes its teeth, threatening to devour everything they ever were or ever will be. There will be nothing but devastation left in its wake, and it sets its sights on Kerrigan and Dominic.

Through the howling winds and punishing lashes of rain, a stranger comes. The promise of a better tomorrow, a brighter, sunnier life filled with hopes and dreams rests in the palm of his hand. It is knowledge, a formidable weapon when wielded by the right person at just the right time. If she can only harness the power of this stranger’s knowledge, Kerrigan may be able to save the one she loves before he fades into nothingness, and she is left all alone.

But is this stranger friend or foe? Drawn to her side by an unseen force, will he enlighten Kerrigan or will he seek to claim her for his own?

Through the darkness of night, Light will lead the way.

Review: Cataclysm is the second novel in the supernova Saga by C.L. Parker. I definitely recommend reading the first book first although, the second works fine as a stand alone. I found this story extremely engaging and a fast paced read. The relationship between Kerrigan and Dominic is taken to the next level in this second installment. Overall, I really enjoyed the growth of their relationship from the 1st book to the 2nd, it was refreshing take. In this book we get a lot more information about Kerrigan and her gift (she is a guardian of the light). Gabe is my favorite character, he's the best friend every girl should have! I found him extremely lovable. I also really loved Dominic he is fierce, loyal and super sexy, he makes the perfect love interest. Parker really did a fantastic job with this story and I look forward to what comes next. I highly recommend this novel if you're a lover of fantasy and paranormal romances!

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