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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chasing Dragons: Vengeance by Barbara Farquharson Scott

Synopsis: An evil king will do anything to keep his immortality. And, stalking the sleep of eighteen year old Jenabel Sanders shamelessly falls into the anything category. But he isn't the only one she dreams of. There is another. Anhanan is a dragon shape shifter who has been dead for five hundred years. But where the king wishes to leave the dragons deceased, Anhanan wishes to be reborn. An uncle and two prank setting brothers will help Jenabel in a quest to search for a dragon she hears calling her. But their mission will fail without the help of Deagon Maddock, a sixteen year old boy who inherits a crumbling fortress and a treasure that consists of a ghost and an extraordinary book with an attitude. Together they form a bond that will see them through their journey where a king now angered from the rise of the dragons, hunts them to destroy what may ruin his immortal existence. And when a kidnapping takes place, not only is someone not who they seem, but vengeance is now sought for a deed over five hundred years old.

Review: Wow. This book is awesome! If you love dragons, fantasy, romance or all three this is the book for you. I found this book action packed, funny, sweet and most of all a fast, fun read. I've been reading a lot of fantasy lately and let me tell you this one is great. I love Jenabel she's the perfect female heroine. The only complaint I had was some of the sequences seemed rushed. I would love to have known more Dragon history. I think with some more world & history building, this novel would be the perfect dragon fantasy story. I did like the splash of romance through out the story, it made the story that much more enjoyable.

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