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A Banshee's Tale by Veronica Breville TOUR

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Synopsis: Catherine Dalry feels like a normal child, growing up in a normal small town, raised by normal, middle-income parents. That is, until she starts school. Children and adults alike look at her with trepidation and scorn. She learns quickly that her version of normal and theirs differ greatly.

Just as Catherine is preparing to turn sixteen, she is forced on a journey that will change her life in ways most only dream of. An ancient book teaches her of the connection between her freaky eyes and the secretive ranks she is now forced to join by matter of inheritance. She is a Guide, or in the old country, a Banshee. As far as the masses are concerned, Catherine’s destiny is to be the wailing spectral woman that wanders the land lamenting and signaling the impending death of a loved one. As her life is pulled in countless directions, she leans on her best friend and psychic, Will; her beloved aunt, teacher, and fellow Guide, Lucie; and her attractive and terminally arrogant Caomhn├│ir or protector, Zane.

The world of myth, mystery, and fairytale monsters engulfs Catherine and sets her on
a course of self-discovery and life altering responsibility.

Review: A Banshee Tale by Veronica Breville has a lot of potential to be a good book, unfortunately I had a hard time just getting through it. The main character Catherine Dairy felt under developed and didn't really stay true to the idea of an actual banshee. I also found it extremely off putting that the books ends on a cliffhanger. Overall the story seemed rushed. I really wish I could've liked this book, but I definitely think the author needs more character development in her stories. On a positive note, there's still plenty of room for the series to grow, but for now I must say it's not my cup of tea.

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