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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Synopsis: George Washington made a brief visit to Barbados as a young man and never again left America. Well, that’s what the history books say. But an eighteenth-century manuscript discovered in the foundation of Mount Vernon changes everything. The manuscript tells of 19-year-old George Washington’s comic, picaresque 1751 trip to London seeking his fortune.

This isn’t George Washington the stuffy old founding father with the wooden teeth. He’s a young man still finding his voice. A younger son with no inheritance, George must make his own way in the world. The newly discovered manuscript was written by George’s traveling companion, Darius Attucks, an African-American master mariner. Though an experienced sailor, Darius is barely older than George and not quite the man of the world he imagines himself. After saving George’s life in a shipwreck, Darius is convinced he has been tasked by Heaven to be George’s guide.

Darius and George join their patron, a German baron, and sell American land to wealthy Londoners. The well-connected baron promises George cash, a title and even a country estate for his efforts. Best of all, George wins the love of Sophie, a beautiful French countess. What more could a young colonial ask for? George’s expedition to London seems an utter success.

But somehow it all goes wrong. Darius, George and Sophie must flee England penniless. Darius’ manuscript is ultimately stashed in the basement wall of Mount Vernon, where it is unearthed more than 250 years later.

Review: George in London is an excellent novel, filled with witty and humorous writing. If your a History buff, in particular an American History buff than this is your book. Queeney has a way with words that will leave you delighted and entertained. If you think this novel is a stuffy, old boring book about the George Washington who you were forced to learn about in Jr. High, how wrong you are my friend. George in London is definitely not your average historical novel, but it can easily be compared with the beloved story Flashman at the Charge by George MacDonald. If you're not a big History buff don't worry, take a chance. I promise, it's worth it! I highly recommend this novel and I look forward to Queeney's future work.

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