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The Perils of being VamPixie by PJ Schriever

Monday, October 10, 2011

Synopsis: Lucy wants nothing more than to escape her pathetic 6th grade existence, so when a tribe of gothic bat-winged healers called VamPixies give her the chance to leave her troubles behind, she takes it. These otherworldly beings assure her that VamPixies live by the loyalty oath of truth, bravery and friendship; they do not bite, but feed on sugar; they do not take lives, but bestow life instead. But when Lucy arrives in their alternative universe, she discovers that nothing is what it seems and there is more to her mysterious immortal friends than sparkly wings and magical talents. Can she trust them? Lucy soon finds herself dream-hopping her way between her mortal home and the supernatural world, striving to unravel the web of secrets that could save them all. (excerpt from Goodreads.)

Review: The Perils of being a VamPixie is a wonderful story about a 6th grader named Lucy who discovers and befriends a tribe of Gothic VamPixies. Along the way Lucy realizes there's more to these VamPixies than at first glance. I found the story highly entertaining and I adored the main character Lucy she was sweet but strong willed. Schriever does a great job drawing you into the story with a little bit of mystery and suspense involving the Xietu and the VamPixies. I thought it was great that Lucy wasn't a cookie cutter character. She definitely had some problems going on in her life with her mom and dad and I genuinely believe Schriever made her story extremely relatable to readers because of it. I highly recommend this novel to grades 5th and up. Although there are definitely some paranormal aspects to this story Schriever keeps the story appropriate for her young readers. I look forward to reading more from PJ Schriever. Overall, I thought The Perils of being a VamPixie was a great book for young readers.

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