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Grimsley Hollow By Nicole Storey

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Synopsis: Gage Gilbert is an eleven-year-old boy who just happens to have autism, loves Halloween, and has no friends. Although he has always been happy with the safety and security of his family, he longs for a real friend and adventure, not just the ones he makes up in his head. And then he meets Eve.

Eve is a young witch and is from another world called Grimsley Hollow. It's where all magical beings live in safety and peace, but their world is in trouble and Gage is the only one who can help save them from an evil witch who has taken control.

With Eve's help (along with a sarcastic pixy, a trouble-making werewolf, and a half-vampire), Gage travels to Grimsley Hollow and together, they begin a journey that will change them all. It's a dangerous race against evil, where creatures unheard of stalk the land under a harvest moon and monsters that only exist in dreams become real.

Gage wanted friends and adventure, but he had no idea that they would come at such a dangerous price. Can one autistic boy defeat an evil witch and help save his new friends? Travel to Grimsley Hollow and find out! 

Review: Grimsley Hollow by Nicole Storey is a truly magical book! Gage is a sweet but spunky, autistic eleven year old. I thought it was wonderful to have Gage as the leading character. It isn't often that you get to read stories about hero's who happen to have autism like Gage. For the most part I loved that the author went into great detail for the story, but I found the beginning much too slow for my liking. I did feel that the idea of Gage being autistic, was a little over explained in the beginning. I think it would've been more effective if Storey would've showed more instead of telling. I was hoping that Gage's autism wouldn't be the only focus of the story and as I read on, I was glad to see that this wasn't the case in Grimsley Hollow. It was easy to get caught up in this delightful story. I loved the imagery within the book and I think this is the perfect story for kids to read for Halloween! Overall, I really enjoyed reading about and discovering Gage's magical world. I look forward to reading more from Nicole Storey.

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