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Fangs for Nothing by Adrianne Ambrose

Monday, October 10, 2011

Synopsis: Grab some garlic and start sharpening your mother's wooden spoons because there are vampires living in the most unlikely of places.

I’ve always wanted to meet a vampire. Not to stake some poor bloodsucker as he sleeps in his coffin or have some sexy vampiress bite me on the neck, but just to see a creature so rare and infamous. What can I say? Some people want to sail to Easter Island, others want to fling themselves out of an airplane, I want to shake hands with a vampire. Well, maybe I should prioritize getting a girlfriend first, but a vampire sighting is pretty high up on the list. Trust me, a lot of kids my age dream about it. Like my two best friends, Rini and Xander. We spent half the summer searching the most notorious cities in the United States for the undead, but so far, no luck.

That’s why it came as a total shock to discover a living, breathing vampire in our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. (Okay, so he’s more undead and not breathing, but you get the picture.) At first we were kind of excited, but then pretty freaked because it turns out our new fanged friend has a hold on the city's teenage population and a specific thirst for their blood. Which, in a word—bites.

Review: Wow. This book was amazing! I found Fangs for Nothing to be the ideal YA novel. If you're looking for a book with adventure, mystery, friendship and romance than this is definitely it. I loved the storyline, I read the book in one sitting. With the vampire craze going on it's interesting to see it shown in a different light. I mean c'mon I know Herbert aka Sherbie is definitely not the first person to go looking for real vampires! Adrianne Ambrose does a fantastic job with Fangs for Nothing and I mean FANTASTIC! The characters within the novel were extremely likeable, I admire Sherbie, although he's a little insecure with girls, he does has hero like qualities. I also loved the dialogue between characters because it kept me laughing the whole way through. The author does a great job showing the different dynamic levels of the relationship between Sherbie, Rini and Xander. There wasn't a thing about this book I didn't like. Adrianne Ambrose is obviously a talented author and story teller. Fangs for Nothing is definitely an adventure-comedy that you want to be a part of. I look forward to reading more of Adrianne Ambrose's works and I highly recommend this novel to YA readers!

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