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Driving to BelAir by William G. Jones

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Synopsis: Dale had everything—dream job, dream girl, dream life. When he moved to New York to chase his dreams, he never planned on returning to the Indiana farm where he grew up. Yet, one phone call from his ex-fiance brings him back to face the brothers he abandoned and the consequences of the choices he made in pursuit of those dreams. Will a father's last wish be the key to reuniting a family torn apart by tragedy? Or will Dale lose everything while driving to BelAir. 

Review: I thoroughly enjoyed Jones' short novella Driving to BelAir. I thought it had the perfect amount of drama and I found the story extremely engaging. Arissa was probably one of my favorite characters. Although, she was sort of the background character her personality was extremely likeable and she was always there to help Dale out, even without him asking. I loved watching Dale's character evolve. He was definitely a strong leading character and it was interesting watching him handle the different dilemmas. I had mixed feelings about Billy's character, he annoyed me half the time because of his immaturity. But, overall his character's eccentricity did help drive the overall story, which in turn made for a better drama. My main complaint is I felt the ending could've been a little bit more. It seemed unfinished. I highly recommend this novella. It's a wonderful story with intriguing characters that will keep you hooked from start to finish. 

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