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Three Days to Die by John Avery

Friday, September 16, 2011


Synopsis: What would you do if you witnessed the murder of a close family member and were kidnapped and forced to rob banks at gunpoint with the killer and his two eccentric thugs? Aaron Quinn is about to find out - and he's only thirteen … Three Days to Die: a simple love story disguised as a modern day suspense thriller. Three Days to Die is the story of young Aaron Quinn and his courageous single mother, Ashley, as they're thrust headlong into the brutal and very adult world of felony armed robbery, lust, and murder. Hold on tight as Aaron's best friend, Willy Abbott, and Michael St. John, a wealthy stranger, risk it all trying to save them from the blood thirsty psycho, Johnny Souther. Three Days to Die is a fast, fiery, frightening train ride through hell, with bumps, curves, and characters that will shock you, make you laugh, and make you cry... (excerpt from B&

Review: Three Days to Die by John Avery, is a story about Aaron Quinn a thirteen-year-old boy who finds himself in a world of trouble after overhearing a secret conversation among a group of bank robbers. Aaron is kidnapped shortly after being discovered by the three criminals, Johnny Souther, Beeks and Needles. Forced into helping his captors rob banks in order to save his mother's life Aaron, quickly realizes that robbing banks isn't as simple or fun as it may sound. After finishing Three Days to die I am pleased to say this book is filled with great suspense. I almost felt like it was a movie playing out in my head the way it went from sequence to sequence. I loved Aaron Quinn! Avery did a great job creating this character. Aaron was brave yet naïve and foolish like so many thirteen-year-olds. It was interesting seeing him transition through the whole ordeal. Michael's character was interesting but at times his purpose through out the book felt trivial, until the end. As a reader I also wanted to know a little bit more about Aaron before, he was kidnapped. I felt a little robbed myself over his character. I loved Johnny Souther's back story and Needles'. Avery did a great job showing the complexities of human behavior. Overall, I enjoyed Three Days to Die. It was a fast paced story that left no room for dull moments. I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy thrillers and suspense!

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