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A Beautiful Cage by Alyson Reuben

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Synopsis: Wanted by the Gestapo, Rebecca Bloomberg is on the run for her life. Sheltering in the home of a reporter who writes absurd lies for a Nazi propaganda newspaper is hardly an ideal solution. Irresistibly drawn to the man, she dares not trust him, until she discovers his journalist position is a mask for involvement in an anti-Nazi resistance ring.

Gustav Von Furst has done all he can to perfect his mask. Neither his family nor his close friends know the truth. Hiding a Jewish girl is the most foolish risk, yet there is something about her that makes him want to protect her.

Eager to forget the outside world, Rebecca and Gustav are caught up in a private world of forbidden passion—until unexpected danger lands on their doorstep and they’re faced with a decision that will change everything. Will love demand a sacrifice too great to give? (excerpt from B&

Alyson Reuben's A Beautiful Cage is a historical romance filled with unique characters and bitter sweet moments. Reuben does a wonderful job creating the world around her two main characters Gustav and Rebecca. At times the book was a little confusing because it would jump from past to present and vice versa and the voice of the author was not always clearly present but, overall the characters from A Beautiful Cage were entertaining and memorable. I especially loved Gustav's grandmother and the touch of German words included within the chapters made the story all the more real. A Beautiful Cage is a touching and beautiful reminder of extraordinary love in extraordinary circumstances. If you enjoy reading historical romances than I highly recommend A Beautiful Cage!


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Alyson Reuben
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