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Review of Ben Martin's Escaping Entry

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
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Synopsis: Entry used to be a pleasant city, rating as high as fifth on Malcolm Tebby’s annual list of places to visit if you couldn’t afford to go anywhere nice. But then a plague came, and just like that, the cobblestone metropolis, known for its bell towers and strangely uncomfortable benches, became a ghost town. For seventeen year old Billy Stun, plague survivor and blossoming artist, Entry is an exercise in boredom, so when an eccentric nobleman named Harold asks him to be his personal photographer, he agrees. Harold, though, is not normal, and when Billy discovers part of his job is taking photographs of Harold murdering creatures of legend, it isn’t long before he begins pining for the eerie quiet of home.


Ben Martin's debut fantasy novel Escaping Entry is filled with rich detail and well developed characters. From beginning to end, Martin does a fantastic job of keeping you on your toes and building the suspense within the story. He manages to drop subtle hints throughout the book keeping his reader's interested as well as entertained. As the book progresses we see Billy, the main character face some difficult choices. Billy is indeed a strong character and embodies the mind of several 17-year-olds. He craves adventure and an escape from the boredom he faces in Entry. Although the overall mood of the book gave off an ominous feeling, the dialogue between the characters couldn't help but keep me laughing. Martin's use of dialogue is evidence of his ability to connect to the reader. He does well where others don't. Martin not only tells but shows. His description of his characters and the town of Entry leaves you breathless. It gives you the sense of familiarity. After reading Escaping Entry I'm left with the feeling of longing...longing for Ben Martin to hurry up and right another novel!! Overall, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed Escaping Entry. I strongly believe Ben Martin is a force to be reckoned with and I look forward to his future novels! I can only hope that he continues the story of Billy Stun.

I highly recommend this book to all reading ages!


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