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No Wings Attached by Stella Deleuze

Friday, August 26, 2011
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Short description: No Wings Attached is love story between an angel wish consultant named Tom and a self conscious 32-year-old woman name Celia. After temporarily losing his angel powers over his last failed case Tom must face his newest case, Celia without any supernatural help. In the process of trying to help Celia fulfill her deepest wishes they fall for one another. Despite Tom knowing they can never be with one another he is unable to ignore the goodness within Celia and must face the consequences of his forbidden love.

When I began reading No Wings Attached I felt immediately drawn into the storyline and the fun and interesting relationship between the characters but, as the story went on I was left feeling unfulfilled. About fifty pages in I started feeling a little frustrated. The connection between Celia and Tom at first felt real but after a while the chemistry between the two seemed to simmer out. As a long time reader I do understand the art of teasing the reader but to be honest I started to feel frustrated waiting for Celia and Tom to take it to the next step rather, than just making eyes at one another. It felt a bit unbelievable...I understood the shyness within Celia and even the fact that Tom hadn't been in a relationship for a long time but, I wanted more. When the time came for Tom and Celia to actually kiss I almost read right over it. I had to stop and re-read the paragraph. It was a bit disappointing, everything felt so PG. There were moments where I thought Deleuze was going to show off some passionate scenes between the two but it ended up being that Celia would leave or she would just fall asleep or Tom would just peck her on the cheek and say goodnight. A lot went down the last thirty pages of the book between Tom, Celia and the new things going on in her life. To me it read as unbelievable and I didn't feel drawn in like I had in the beginning. The writing felt rushed. I think it would've been great to play it up more towards the middle of the storyline. I do have to say Deleuze does a good job at juggling the points of view between Tom and Celia. I did notice there were some minor misspellings and some of the sentences in the book at times were unclear. Overall I think No Wings Attached has a lot of potential to be a great book. The storyline is unique and the characters are likeable but, it just didn't quite push me over the edge. I do think it is a promising step forward and I hope to see Deleuze continue writing.

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