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Wednesday, July 27, 2011
New Horizon

I walk these streets mesmerized by your loveliness
Purple, green and gold beads glitter your streets like diamonds     Waiting to be plucked.
Garbage overs flows from nearby pubs, this party is just getting started
Southern Belles dance with neon pink heels their smiles so inviting
Always grinding, grinding to the beat   to the beat of my heart
Your smile disarming pulls me into the street, spirits all around me
We stumble down pirate alley, in search of buried treasure or maybe, just some booze,
where women are so lovely but men just call them loose
My head is feelin’ fuzzy, it’s getting harder just to think
But we walk to the corner, grab a grenade and take just one more drink
It explodes in my mouth    liquid pleasure,  slowly drips
My cheeks burn with warmth, I am tethered to your lips
The night is young Bourbon st. is still thrivin’, we’re just two cool cats

Makin’ this world our new horizon

By Vanessa Booke
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